Thursday, December 08, 2005

When good things happen to good people

This morning I got my Equity News in the mail and there on the cover was long-time Cahoots friend Brenda Kamino. In October, Brenda received the Larry McNance Award which is presented to an Equity member who has a made an outstanding contribution to the Association. Well, Brenda's done that and much more.

When I first enter the biz (circa 1990, try to imagine a world devoid of blogs and Paris Hilton), Brenda was a real champion of inclusivity in theatre, film, and television. I remember her and Sandi Ross fearlessly taking on institutions that were almost exclusively white in their casting, programming, and outlook. Things have changed a lot since then. They're not perfect (I mean, get real) but they're better and Brenda's a big reason why.

These days, she's still out there on the front lines fighting the good fight. And we're all the richer for Brenda's passion and dedication. Thanks Brenda, and congratulations on a well deserved honour!

I'll leave the last word to CAEA Vice President Dawn Obokata who presented the award to Brenda:

... it takes an extraordinary amount of courage, fortitude, and vision to set out on the long road to change the world that you find wanting, and to make it a more equitable place for all who dream of a life in professional theatre.

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