Monday, December 05, 2005

Welcome to The Red Hut!

The Red Hut is a new blog from Cahoots Theatre Projects. As the subtitle says, this is "a meeting place to discuss art, culture, and diversity".

This space will be dedicated to promoting new plays and artists, bringing you the latest theatre news, and trying to find the ever elusive meaning of diversity. We'll feature reviews, promos, opinions, shameless plugs, rants, tirades, rumour, and gossip.

For those of you new to Cahoots, this article is a good introduction to our mandate and mission.

I was going to say "stay tuned" but really this space is as much for you as it is for us. So instead, welcome, make yourself at home, feel free to jump in to the conversation. I hope this is beginning of an interesting dialogue.

- Jovanni

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delta888 said...

Good stuff.