Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Holy scrollers (or, How to make a new play, Part 3)

Producing independent theatre is a lot like trying to organize a really big party where you can't afford to pay for anything. So you end up calling everyone you know for favours. And when that doesn't pan out, you call people you don't know.

In our last installment of How to make a new play, we had a production meeting for Bombay Black. There, our lighting designer, Rebecca Picherack said she wanted to use scrollers in her design and they would cost more than we had initially allotted in our budget.

Okay, so I can fess up to y'all that I had no f***ing clue what a scroller was. It's not like I had a blog like this where I could click on the word scroller, you know. Turns out it has to do with stage lighting. But, in true AD fashion, I acted all "oh yeah, scrollers" at the table. In fact, I said I'd help Kendra try to find some for free. (Remember the part where I said independent theatre folk can't pay for anything?) I've no doubt, BTW, that Kendra knew what a scroller was. She's a stage manager and they know everything. It's really kind of irritating.

So that was yesterday morning. That afternoon, some frantic calling. First, the people I know. Next, the ones I don't. And today ... success! Thank you Paul Court and all the amazingly generous people at the Humber College Theatre Production Program.

Calling and begging 24/7 isn't all that fun. Fortunately, the Toronto theatre community (especially Humber!) is as about as generous as they come.

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kahlilantares said...

I was once working for a tiny company in Peterborough, on whose behalf I successfully begged for the loan of a cutting-edge live-video-projection system worth many thousands of dollars... and this from a company that only did industrial shows! The begging was excruciating, and the fear of breaking the damn thing was ever-present, but the results were so worth it...