Friday, September 01, 2006

Living Like a Refugee

This is a letter written to all ONE members ---

The power of song and music is universal. Even when life is hardest, at least while the music is playing, you can take your mind off everything you have been through and enjoy life.

My band mates and I are not your typical touring musicians. We met in a refugee camp in the Republic of Guinea, having escaped from the horror of the civil war in Sierra Leone. Using simple instruments we brought joy to people in the camps who were facing very difficult situations. Now we are called Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars and we have been fortunate enough to have our music recorded for an album called Living Like A Refugee, which will soon be released in the United States.

I know ONE members are working hard to help improve the lives of people in Africa. In thanks, we would like to share with you one of the songs we recorded while still in the refugee camp.

Listen or download for free "Living like a Refugee"

Two of the biggest problems we live with everyday in Africa are poverty and AIDS. They prevent entire countries from being able to take care of themselves.

While in the refugee camps, I personally worked with international aid groups teaching school and supervising youth sports programs and creative outlets like children's theatre and cultural groups. I know how a simple program can change a child's life. That is why I know your work is so important.

We have been blessed to have our story told through our music and a film made about our journey. We are eager to meet people all over the world and share our message of peace and love and the insanity of war. We hope you too will recognize that there is always hope and that, when given a chance, great things are possible.

Listen or download for free "Living like a Refugee"

Thank you,

Reuben M. Koroma, ONE Member

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