Friday, September 08, 2006

Wanna be an A.D.?

Firestarter Project

OneLight Theatre
Apprenticeship for Theatre Artists

Let OneLight Start Your Fire!

OneLight Theatre is inviting theatre artists who would like to found their own company or produce their own professional productions to apply for a one-year apprenticeship with OneLight Theatre. During the year, the apprentice would work with OneLight’s Artistic Director, Shahin Sayadi, Managing Director, Maggie Stewart, and Technical Director, Jake Dambergs on all aspects of building a company and producing a show. The goal of the apprenticeship would be to help the participant plan, and possibly produce, a theatre show and to develop the skills, experience and professional connections necessary to establish a career as a professional theatre artist.

Support would be provided in the following areas:
1) understanding and articulating the apprentice’s artistic styles and methods

2) selecting and developing preliminary production plans for a show

3) developing a budget for a production

4) researching and applying for grants

5) developing fundraising skills

6) developing marketing and promotion skills

7) production and technical skills, including lighting and set design

8) incorporating a society and other administrative skills

9) basic accounting and bookkeeping

The apprentice would be invited to work in the OneLight office, use our resources, our support, advice and oversight. We would serve as mentors and liaisons to the Nova Scotia theatre community, and assist, the apprentice, as needed, to develop the skills and make the connections necessary to develop their production.

The core members of OneLight Theatre have been working together since 1998 and the company was officially incorporated into a society in 2002. Since that time we have produced 6 original theatre shows and hosted 2 theatre conferences, and we have received funding from HRM, the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada Council, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, and Heritage Canada. We are also members of various professional organizations, including The Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, Playwright’s Atlantic Resource Centre, and Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal. Currently, we are working on 2-year project to develop and produce The Veil; for this project we are partnered with Neptune Theatre, Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, and Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto. Our office is located on Argyle St., Halifax. More information about our company can be found at our website.

OneLight Theatre welcomes applications from any theatre artist who lives in or would be willing to relocate to Halifax. We will be giving priority to a theatre artist who identifies as being a member of a minority population (including Aboriginals, visible minorities, and people who are differently-abled.) Applicants should have either training or experience in theatre and should be seeking to begin their career as a professional theatre artist.

Application Requirements

1) resume

2) covering letter that details:

a. training & experience;
b. any other pertinent information that you think OneLight Theatre should know; and
c. a brief description of the work that you would like to do during the apprenticeship.

3) 2 letters of reference from people who can speak to your abilities as a theatre artist.

4) support material (reviews of productions, video tapes, etc.) (if available)

OneLight Theatre will be giving priority to applicants who are from a minority community. Applicants are not required to self-identify, but should be aware of the goals of the program.

Applications can be sent by email or post to PO Box 1603, Hfx CRO NS B3J 2Y3.

Any questions can be directed to Maggie Stewart or Shahin Sayadi at 902-425-6812 or

Shahin Sayadi
Artistic Director, OneLight Theatre
902.425.6812, f. 492.0247

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