Saturday, May 13, 2006

John's return to Hong Kong

For Kendra, Leanna, and myself, it’s our first visit to HK. Marjorie has been here many times. For John, however, it’s an interesting homecoming—he hasn’t visited HK in nearly 24 years. And the last time he came here, he didn’t think he’d ever come back. He was born in Kowloon and emigrated to Canada at the age of 6. He returned in 1982 as a very Canadianized teenager and was less than enthralled with HK. I’m definitely curious about his impressions of Hong Kong and perhaps I can pester him into a guest blog.

He did offer one interesting insight into how HK has changed in since the 80s. In the photo on the right, the skyscraper on the left is called Jardine House. The last time John was here, it was one of the largest buildings on the island. Now, it’s dwarfed by many buildings like the one on the right. Expansion on Hong Kong Island only goes upward.

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