Tuesday, October 03, 2006

f.o.o.t papers?

2007 Festival of Original Theatre: Dissolving Borders
Graduate Centre for Study of Drama,
University of Toronto
February 15-18, 2007

We invite papers and artistic presentations that examine themes surrounding intercultural performance for the 2007 Festival Of Original Theatre: Dissolving Borders. This conference and performance based festival sets out to interrogate the concept of intercultural performance by creating a forum for discussion between theatre practitioners and the academic community while addressing the ever- expanding definition of culture and the question of what constitutes a cultural group in theatre.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

Intercultural performance in Canada.
Defining Culture: What constitutes a cultural group in theatre.
Case Studies on Intercultral theatrical process and the performance of difference.
Multi versus (or in relation to) Inter culturalism- as well as issues of intra and trans culturalism.
The constructions and contestations of difference in theatre/ performance.
Borders/ liminal spaces in intercultural theatre.
Pedagogical/ practical strategies for considering cultural plurality and understanding diversity.
The Dissolving Borders conference and festival provides a forum for scholars and artists to engage in discussion through papers, performances, talk -backs and panels. We encourage submissions from graduate students.

If you are interested in proposing a paper or presentation please send a 200-250 word abstract by October 24, 2006.

Submissions may be sent by

e-mail to: foot.graddrama@utoronto.ca
mail: 2007 Festival of Original Theatre: Dissolving Borders
Graduate Centre for Study of Drama
University of Toronto
214 College St.
Toronto, ON
M5T 2Z9

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