Friday, July 21, 2006

b current's ensemble members at Summerworks!

Collective Trinity presents

th[is] [this] t[His]

Written, Directed & Performed by Collective Trinity:

Rebecca Fisseha
Debbie Y. Nicholls
Christine Nicole Harris

Also featuring
Lucky Ejim

Stage Manager: Jennifer Trinier
Set/Costume Designer: Kara Springer
Producer: Joan M. Kivanda

Factory Studio Theatre
125 Bathurst St. (@ Adelaide)
Thurs. August 3, 10:30pm
Sat. August 5, 6:00pm
Sun. August 6, 9:00pm
Wed. August 9, 7:30pm
Sat. August 12, 3:00pm
Sun. August 13, 7:30pm

She and He have been friends for years but tonight is the official first date:

in a deluded attempt at seduction, She offers up parts of herself;
in a mockery of intimacy, She hides her medical condition;
in an abyss of confusion, She converses with God;

Perhaps steak, sex, and Miles Davis are all the analgesic She needs.

Rebecca Fisseha, Christine Nicole Harris and Debbie Y. Nicholls, all members of b current's the sun ensemble, have had their short multidisciplinary pieces “The Exhibition of Love, Ten Redefined and In This Place respectively" featured in past rock.paper.sistahz festivals and raw materials showcases. Upon the suggestion of another ensemble member, they decided to amalgamate all three scripts, which resulted in the birth of th[is] [this] t [His] and Collective Trinity. The story follows a woman's emotional journey through the transition of a platonic relationship, while she struggles with conflicting aspects of her personality and a divine voice.

This is made possible by the support of b current

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